About us

The journey started with a thought that passion towards work shall have no limits & reach exceptional delivery levels organically – We called this Eminence the quality of being very well known & highly respected.


Eminence at the time of conceptualization was a clarity to be working towards avenues that create responsible profitability & always sticking to its ground – The vision shall be staying focused & flexible all the time.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create value in all the businesses we engage in both Tangible & Intangible.


Consulting – Financial & Legal, a clear perspective towards our client’s interests we assist our clients in gaining business expertise on all their corporate financial interests keeping the business aligned with the legal framework.

Coworking Spaces – The need for co-working goes alongside the craving of entrepreneurship in the new generation of professionally educated individuals who have been working in organizations & want to fly higher. We as a business provide for a very reasonable environment so that the thought of a start-up looks more enjoyable rather than crossing a hurdle.

Entertainment – The striking levels of stress & ever-increasing toxic work environment prompted us to understand & explore the new avenues in the field of entertainment.

Entertainment as a business to us is larger than a simple profit earning venture since through our ongoing journey we feel entertainment directly relates to productivity, happiness & wellbeing of individuals.

An offshoot of our thought we promote creativity, engagement & variety in all the ventures we undertake in the field of entertainment.

Why Eminence By Prakash Tholia?

We call it Eminence by Prakash Tholia – since the inception of the very thought that led to creation of Eminence our Founder always visualised the business to be a delivery delight that exceeds the expectations of the clients & stakeholders, and thus the names go together & committed.

Prakash Tholia our Founder is a Honours graduate in commerce from the prestigious Hansraj College at Delhi University after which he has an MBA from Amity Business School, Noida.Having experience in the corporate sector in organisations like Dabur, Essar Telecom, Surya Roshni Ltd in Marketing & Corporate communications & in the sector of Corporate Finance in organisations like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & HSBC Bank in profiles pertaining to Corporate & Institutional Banking, Product Management & Global Payments Management.