Future of Lifestyle Event Companies

India – as we all know is amongst the oldest known civilisations since the pre historic era and was always known for its extravaganzas & larger than life lifestyles since the days we have read.

Lifestyle is a coherent & integral part of Indian society & with the growth in the number of younger & affluent people the desire for lifestyle events has been more than usual.

With the new generation having an easy access to information & international travel, the scenario of lifestyle events is bound to grow manifolds, there has been a sudden spurt of the larger lifestyle brands from the west that have shown a very bold existence since the last decade & surprisingly there are more than usually forecasted takers for almost all these Brands.

With the entertainment scenario in India evolving from the very basic cinema halls to Dolby Digital & DTS surround sound Multiplexes, Nominal Sports facilities to franchise ownerships of the likes of the Cricket T20’s & the Pro Kabaddi leagues, a sudden spurt in the lifestyle brands of the likes of Bose & Harman-Kardon in the home entertainment segment, we have also seen the phenomenal  rise of live bands from the evolution of Euphoria – Dr Palash Sen & The Indian Ocean – Rahul Ram, to a phenomenal number of home grown live bands from the locals of our own India, we have seen lifestyle events growing in the last decade.

Lifestyle event companies in India shall have a brighter future than anyone would have ever thought & the catalyst to this growth shall be the ever increasing flare for newer options on entertainment & availability of larger lifestyle options in the country itself, the creation of access to lifestyle in the newly found urban & semi urban audience shall be the vital job to be executed by the lifestyle event companies – the role to deliver this lifestyle through the curated events shall be the next big opportunity for all the event companies rallying for growth.


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