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How to Choose a Wedding Venue—When You Can’t See It in Person!

If you are planning a destination wedding, or if the Corona Virus has put a hold on your visits to potential wedding venues – you may have to choose a venue without being able to visit it in person.

Whenever choosing a venue, you should always pick a destination that speaks to you as a couple and feel connected. However, it’s possible to get the same vibe if you cannot visit in person? The answer is yes.

Given below, you will find a few tips that will help you choose your wedding venue, even if you cannot see it in person!

Check the reviews

Do what we always do and search on Google; numerous wedding websites and yelp can help you get a better idea of what other clients has to say about your potential venue. Look at the highest and lowest ratings to find the potential problems and what others had to stay about the staff, the venue, and the service itself.

Look for any reviews that talk about the most important things you are concerned about; for instance, if you are stressed about the venue’s food quality, pay attention to all the reviews that mention the food quality.

Check past events

Thanks to this new media age, you can now head over to the venue’s Instagram page and check their “tagged” section to look at all the photos that the vendors or couples have posted.

It is also a fantastic way to look for photographers who have been there and taken photos to get a much better understanding of what your wedding photos may end up looking like.

Ask for a video call.

If you can’t visit the place in person, you can always arrange a video call with the head event coordinator. Ask them for a tour of the venue and ensure that you have all your questions ready.

This will help you better understand how space looks, as well as an idea of how you get along with the coordinator.

Pro tip: screen record the video call and tour so that you can play it back for VIPs.

Do a casual drive-by

If you live near your desired venue but cannot visit in person because of COVID-19, you can do a drive-by! This way, you can get a feel for the locality that the venue is in and note any issues you may have with the location.

Trust your gut

In the end, whether you visit the venue in person or via a virtual tour, you will have to trust your gut. If you feel like something is missing, then you need to listen to that feeling. Ensure to keep the dialogue open between you and your spouse so that you can be sure you’re on the same page.

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