We’re sure every couple has once in their lifetime thought of having a destination wedding in Goa – the land of sun, sea, and surf! Goa is also known as the land of beyond in Hindu literature, and it’s certainly true to its meaning.

As highly skilled and practiced destination wedding planners based out of Delhi, we at Eminence by Prakash Tholia team have arranged many weddings in Goa. We must say it’s a special place to exchange your wedding vows. It has all-chill vibes, feels romantic, and is serene yet crazy out there. 

Why is Goa a Famous Wedding Destination?

What makes Goa the most preferred is how it spoils people with choices. You get to witness:

  • Fantastic beaches
  • Festive feel in December 
  • Beach shacks and water sports
  • Cheap alcohol
  • Portuguese architecture
  • Unique local delicacies
  • Forts and churches and whatnot

Goa is the best choice for it offers an exceptional experience no matter what kind of wedding you’re planning. You can choose a sea-facing open lawn, book a poolside banquet, arrange a beach celebration, pick an exotic resort, and do so much more.

To be honest, pre-planned outdoor weddings cut a lot on the structural décor – just some drapes and flowers are good to go, besides a few other fun elements that you may want to incorporate for a more personal touch.

However, the destination wedding costs in Goa can be budgeted according to your choices without compromising the uniqueness of your big day! And after you wrap it all up, you can combine your wedding package with a honeymoon as well. There’s a huge list of activities and places you can do and visit, and you won’t have to stress yourself in traveling to another destination for the honeymoon.

Wedding Costs in Goa

Coming to the budget side of holding a wedding in Goa, it depends on quite some factors. Things are much more doable today than ever, and hosting your D-day in Goa would be impacted by:

  • Dates of bookings
  • Venue
  • Number of guests
  • Number of days
  • Accommodation
  • Decorations
  • Catering
  • Photographers
  • Makeup 
  • Event planning services, and other miscellaneous expenses

But to give you an idea, here’s our take on the costs: You may have to spend anywhere around 30 – 50 lakhs for a wedding held over two days hosting about 100 guests. The estimate can come down if you want to plan an intimate soiree or increase if you’re going to get all extravagant with your arrangements. An off-season wedding will be a budgeted one, and going all local will help you save even more.

Our team can also assist you with the expected destination wedding costs in Goaso you can organize things around that quote. Get in touch with us, and we’ll happily answer your wedding queries. 

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