About us

Eminence Events By Prakash Tholia is the brainchild of Prakash Tholia. The company was established to offer value in all businesses, both tangible and intangible, that we deal with. We are a renowned, dynamic, and innovative event management company in Delhi, founded with a passion for business and events. From entertainment to consulting to co-working spaces, we offer focused and flexible solutions in various ventures. We are a specialized wedding planner company that works with a unique and fresh approach, regardless of the size and scope of the occasion, and help clients explore new avenues in whatever they require.

Our team of creative organizers collaborates with you to offer tailored and outstanding services. Our founder always envisioned the business as a delivery delight, exceeding the client and stakeholder’s expectations – we, to date, deliver just that!

Creativity and passion are at the core of everything we undertake. Our love for our work has no restrictions, and we give our best to reach exceptional delivery levels.

We start by learning about you and your requirements. This helps us to build a plan and do the heavy lifting. We are well-equipped to offer excellence – so sit back and relax as, in the end, we put our expertise into play and deliver your requests in time.


Eminence at the time of conceptualization was a clarity to be working towards avenues that create responsible profitability & always sticking to its ground – The vision shall be staying focused & flexible all the time.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create value in all the businesses we engage in both Tangible & Intangible.

Why Eminence Events By Prakash Tholia?

We call it Eminence Events by Prakash Tholia – since the inception of the very thought that led to the creation of Eminence our Founder always visualized the business to be a delivery delight that exceeds the expectations of the clients & stakeholders, and thus the names go together & committed.

Prakash Tholia our Founder is an Honours graduate in commerce from the prestigious Hansraj College at Delhi University after which he has an MBA from Amity Business School, Noida. Having experience in the corporate sector in organizations like Dabur, Essar Telecom, Surya Roshni Ltd in Marketing & Corporate communications & in the sector of Corporate Finance in organizations like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & HSBC Bank in profiles pertaining to Corporate & Institutional Banking, Product Management & Global Payments Management.

Eminence Events By Prakash Tholia is a famous event management company. Please speak to us at +91-98101 98200 to know more about our wedding planning services in detail.