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Wedding planning is quite demanding as so many decisions have to be taken, and literally, everything needs to be perfect! This brings us to an essential aspect of the arrangements – the wedding seating plan. Generally speaking, seating preparation isn’t compulsory, but it certainly helps avoid a lot of quarrels and confusion. So to ace your seating plan like a pro – here are five tips to help you make the best wedding seating arrangements.

Keep The Venue In Mind

To give your guests the best view of all the action and celebrations, seating them at appropriate places is crucial. All of it goes smoothly only if you have the venue in mind while creating your floor plan.
Older guests might want to be seated away from the dance floor, so check if there’s a secluded spot on the venue. Any guests in wheelchairs might need better mobility so seat them at an area where they’d have plenty of space to maneuver.

Also make sure guests are not too close to bathrooms, bars, or food areas which may ruin their seating experience. Use your best judgment and if you hire the Eminence By Prakash Tholia team, you can discuss your options with us.

Create A Well-Planned Digital Layout

Once you have the guest list in hand, the venue finalized, and the food menu ready, arrange the floor plan. This will give you an idea of who to seat where including kids, singles, separated partners, family, friends, and seniors, etc. Also, don’t forget to incorporate visual representations for each group. Wedding seating plan ideas are comfortable to implement that way.

If you’re more of a paper and pen person, get the chart tactile and build your physical poster board. But if you’d like to have all things organized virtually, digitize your floor plan. It’s a great way to sense how things would flow. Moreover, it gives you greater freedom to customize the setup in the most cost-effective manner and all according to your venue or other personal factors.

Decide Appropriate Tables And Chairs

The size, shape, and number of tables and chairs dictate how many guests can be seated at a single space. Ideal shapes include round, oval, square, and rectangle. Also, standard seating consists of four chairs to accommodate generous legroom and comfortable sitting.

Rectangle tables make it easier for guests to talk across, but these obstruct the views. Circular tables are a traditional option but might not accommodate more guests. So you must discuss with your wedding planner company what would match your vibe and then go ahead wisely. You can mix and match different options since all tables matter.

Organize Guests In Groups

Family & Friends – Keep immediate friends and family close as it helps the couple. Everyone feels the love and support, and it’s a great way at the wedding to acknowledge their unique roles. Accommodate separate space for work buddies, childhood friends, etc. so everyone falls in the same group. If you have the room, arrange a head table for your parents, BFFs, and close relatives.

Distant Members – Tame the tension and seat guests who don’t get along well to keep away any brawls from happening. While drafting your floor plan, consider seating those difficult relatives a few tables apart. This also applies to any divorced couples who may be uncomfortable being seated right next to each other. Trust us; even guests will appreciate your effort!

Arrange Suitable Sitting For Kids

If your wedding also invites several kids, consider having a different seating plan for those little ones. Your chosen wedding planner company can help make precise arrangements for the same. Do you think it’ll be a recipe for disaster? The trick is to mix and match different age groups, where everyone takes care of each other, so things go smoothly. Don’t forget to keep snacks coming in for them! Arrange some fun activities for them, so they have enough for their minds to focus on. Also, make sure kids aren’t seated too far away from their parents/ guardians or you can just assign someone to oversee the kids section.

Seating isn’t mandatory, but it ensures everyone is happy, feels included, and is enjoying. With these five tips in mind, it’ll be easy for you to create a convenient and comfortable environment for all. So for all-things-wedding-planning, we can help! Contact us to get more information!

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