Organizing a corporate event? Here’s what you should know.

So you’ve been tasked with designing and organizing a major corporate event? If you’ve never run an event before now, this may seem like an overwhelming task. And believe me, it is! So how do you tackle it? Let this blog post serve as a handbook when you plan your corporate affair.

• Determine the Event’s Purpose

Without a clear idea of what your event must accomplish, it can be hard to start planning. So the first thing you need to do is figure out the purpose of your event – is it to generate more leads, increase sales, or hype up your brand? The decision you make will shape the subsequent course of events.

• In-House or Outsourced Event Planning?

Depending on the time and budget available, you may choose to manage the events planning process yourself (‘in-house’ planning) or partner with a professional event management company. What makes the latter option attractive is that it frees your time for other business activities and takes the pressure off overloaded internal departments. What’s more, for the same reasons that you’d outsource accountancy or other professional services, outsourced event management can deliver a better result more efficiently than trying to do this yourself.

• Find a Suitable Venue

Next comes your choice of the venue! If you already have your eyes on a few sites, this should be easy –if not, your event partner can help. Whether you need a well-equipped conference suite or a spacious setting for your award ceremony, professionals can find exactly the right venue for you.

• Organize the Event

With the venue worked out, event managers can save you lots of work on the run-in to the event. Event marketing, delegate management, booking keynote speakers or facilitators, and managing event finances all have to be coordinated and managed. With the event date and venue set, the clock’s ticking, your event budget is on the line, and there’s no room for delays or oversights. Professionals are used to managing the complexity of event structuring – and have the experienced teams to do so. Compare this with the time and worry of handling this yourself on top of your routine duties…once again, independent help makes perfect sense.

• Run the Event

Professionals can handle all aspects of your corporate affair, from catering and décor to on-the-day coordination and everything in between. This leaves you with more time to spend with delegates, customers, or colleagues on the day.


Do you have the time or skills needed for the management of a major conference or one-off corporate entertainment? With so much at stake and growing attendee expectations, you’re better off partnering with a professional event management agency. This is where Eminence Events comes in. Our team of experts can save you valuable time, ensure a better event than would otherwise be possible and build your reputation.

With an event planning partner like Eminence on board you’ll wonder why you ever tried to organize your own business events!

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