Go Green at Your Next Promotional Event

As with any promotional forum, industry expos have demonstrated that they are an ever-evolving marketing platform. What’s one of the newest trends to come from this particular advertising resource? Keeping a steady eye on staying environmentally-friendly throughout any given event, that’s what!

Monitoring Your Carbon Footprint with Your Trade Show Booths

As social awareness about our environmental impact has grown, so too has consumer demand that the businesses they support demonstrate eco-friendly approaches and tactics. This relatively newfound environmental consciousness, once only considered at a business’ actual facility, has now streamed down into various other operational venues and events. The result? Going green has become a must for business owners working trade show booths in virtually any industry.

Well, then, if you’re looking to lessen your carbon footprint when manning trade show booths, read on. Understanding some proven ways to minimize waste and optimize your eco-friendly strategies can help ensure that you’re consistently making the environment a top priority at every event.

Ways to Consider the Environment When Working a Marketing Event

Before your next promotional event, consider:

Materials used in your trade show booths: Did you know that you can recycle and repurpose materials used in your trade show booth into a new final display? It’s true. Reusing items for your next exhibit can make an excellent first step to keep your organization as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Printed promotional handouts: Your printed marketing materials also provide an excellent go-green opportunity. Printing with recycled papers and other sustainable items not only allows you to do your part for the environment, but it’s actually more cost-effective too! Remember, always opt for printing on both sides whenever possible to further enhance your commitment to sustaining the environment’s health.

Hand out materials selectively: Yes, there will be times when it’s appropriate to hand out promotional information to guests at your exhibit. However, not everyone coming into your exhibit should receive a large pile of marketing papers that they’ll never read, right? Work with your team to help them determine who is (and who is not) a qualified lead so they can selectively distribute your business material as needed without unnecessary waste.

Use sustainable giveaways: Chances are, no one needs another stress ball or keychain when they stop by to visit your exhibit. Often, these display giveaways go directly from your trade show booths to the landfill. Don’t want to do away with a freebie completely? You don’t have to. Consider using customized, sustainable giveaways (think plant seeds on recyclable paper) to ensure everyone leaves your stands with something to remember your business by.

Going green with your trade show booths and displays doesn’t have to be a costly, exhausting initiative. Many business owners who have made their trade show booths more environmentally-friendly find that they can achieve the greatest impact with some of the smallest changes, such as the ones I mentioned above.

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