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Planning a wedding while we’re still amid a pandemic may be quite stressful. But we’re continuing to adapt to this new reality, and micro weddings are becoming an in-thing. The shift from grand to intimate is the need of the hour. And to give your soiree a green signal, enforce these safety precautions, so only joys remain infectious, not the virus!

Consider outdoor ceremonies

Who wouldn’t enjoy celebrating their big day under the clear blue sky, feeling the winter breeze, and witnessing a soothing sunset? If you don’t already like the outdoor vibes, you better admire these, especially if it’s an intimate destination wedding. It’s any day best to throw all functions outdoors than in confined spaces to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

Sanitize the venue

No matter if it’s an indoor or outdoor venue, safety precautions for intimate weddings include thorough before-and-after venue sanitization. Instant sanitization options like sprays can also be made available for the guests and different areas of the venue. 

Go grand on screens

You might be bummed for not having a lavish Indian affair, but fret not! Make every moment of your intimate destination wedding (even the locally held one) count. Have your extended families, friends, and acquaintances join your virtual wedding celebrations and shower you with blessings. 

Mandate temperature checks

As soon as your guests arrive, appoint someone to check temperatures at the entrance itself. Instantly highlight anything that’s above normal. We’d also suggest you to readily keep a vehicle available to take care of any emergencies. 

Customize face masks

Make masks and gloves available for yourself and also for the guests. To give this compulsory accessory a more personal touch, get some made-to-order masks – experiment with funky designs, go color-coded, or modify it with your wedding hashtag or dates. 

Personalize hand sanitizers

Sanitiser and hand washes are compulsory safety precautions for intimate weddings. And foot-operated dispensers work even better. You can also provide cute care packages including personalized sanitizer, to add some happy bits to the ceremony. 

Distanced seating

Indian weddings are more about sharing joys together. But such intimacy and closeness aren’t possible under current circumstances, plus it isn’t recommended either. So planning a wedding function with distanced seating arrangements keeps all guests separate and safe. 

Break the buffet

Want to keep a wedding buffet? Not this time, please! Ditch the buffet and go plated instead. Preventing self-service not only minimizes the spread but also relieves the guests from all the chaos and long waiting lines. 

Send favors across mail

There are never too many gifts you’d receive as wedding shagun. But for a pandemic wedding, we’d suggest you mail the favors than handing over the stuff in-person. It’s a safe and contact-less option. Also, don’t personally accept any gifts, instead, have those kept in a separate area where people are in less contact with that stuff. 

PPE kits for all vendors

Make sure all your wedding vendors are well equipped with PPE kits, masks, gloves, and sanitization tools. This avoids cross-contamination and keeps everyone safe at the wedding. 

To Conclude

As things are slowly set to reopen, intimate wedding packages and procedures may look different. But with the current situation kept in mind, wedding celebrations would be more valued than ever. And with all safety protocols put in place, the celebrations would be safe and joyful. 

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