Weddings in the Time of the Second Covid-19 Wave in India

The Covid-19 situation in India seems to be slowing down slightly, but it remains far from clear. The wedding industry seemed hopeful when the cases finally started to decline earlier this year. Everyone got into a celebratory spirit as vaccines rolled out, and quite a few constraints were eased off.

However, all those plans come to a standstill as the second wave of Covid-19 approaches the country at speed. Weddings in the Covid-19 season are turning thinner, simpler and call for a reschedule or cancellation. While some people are reorganising weddings to locations with easier restrictions, the other few are up for a virtual affair or delaying ceremonies indefinitely.

At Eminence Events by Prakash Tholia, we understand how important wedding soirees are for the couple and their families. Being faced with the decision to postpone and reschedule the wedding can make you feel depressed and angry. We get it all! But first things first – it is okay if you have to make the hard decision and spend some time grieving as things aren’t going as you envisioned. Self-care is vital to help you stay sane. Once you accept the reality, now comes the time to take the following steps, i.e., to navigate these stressful times.

Clients and vendors are all gearing up in the face of newer restrictions. We want you to understand that you aren’t alone in this, and you can still get your wheels turning. How can you do so? Stay optimistic and plan for the future.

Communicate that Your Plans are Changing

Reach out to all vendors and the wedding guests and let them know you are up to it. Set up a phone call or a video session (whatever is possible), and discuss the situation. The world is facing the effects of the pandemic, be polite and explain your concerns or request guidance to come up with plans that work best for everyone’s schedule.

Review Contracts and Arrangements

Update all your wedding-associated contracts to accommodate new schedules. Offer support wherever you can and make sure your wedding planner mediates wherever necessary. They can help you understand the vendor agreements and suggest how to help guests put their travel arrangements in place according to your updated wedding plans.

Update Your Wedding Plans

Once you have communicated the changes to the venue, vendors, suppliers, and guests, time to plan the “Re Save-The-Date” celebrations. Make sure to announce your new plans, make the necessary arrangements, and build a backup plan. Remember that wherever and however your wedding takes place next, it will be wonderful. If you are up for it and considering all safety measures, do something special for your fiancé on the original date of your wedding and make it memorable for the two of you.

In Conclusion

Weddings are dream celebrations for most of us. But when those dreams risk breaking for reasons beyond control, we suggest our clients roll with the situation. You might have to wait a bit more for your perfect day to arrive, but we promise you will still get to plan a fairytale.

Don’t know how to get started?

Eminence Events by the Prakash Tholia team can help! So, embrace the change, stay sane, and call us at 98101 98200. We will help you adjust your plans and prepare for the soirees when the time feels right.



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